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Q: Who is the only coach to lead a team to 4 consecutive Super Bowl appearances?
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What team has the most consecutive appearances at the Super Bowl?

Bills 4

What NFL coach has the most appearances in a Super Bowl as a head coach?

Don Shula with 6

Most consecutive super bowl appearances?

Buffalo Bills (4).

What team was the first to make 3 consecutive Super Bowl Appearances?

Miami Dolphins - Super Bowls VI, VII, and VIII.

What legendary coach has led his team to 6 Super Bowl appearances?

Don Shula made 6 Super Bowl appearances. One with the Baltimore Colts and five with the Miami Dolphins. He won two Super Bowls and lost four.

Which quarterback holds the record for the most consecutive Super Bowl appearances?

Tom Brady as of 2-5-12.

Who has super bowl appearances or conference championships as player assistant coach and head coach?

Tom Flores, Dan Reeves, Mike Ditka.

Which team played in the Super Bowl 4 consecutive years?

The Buffalo Bills, who lost their appearances in Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII.

Who was the first head coach to three consecutive super Bowls?

Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins was the first head coach to lead his team to three consecutive Super Bowls. The Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI, but prevailed in Super Bowls VII and VIII.

Who's had most Super Bowl appearances?

The Dallas Cowboys have the most Super Bowl appearances with 8, as of 2009.

How many consecutive bowl appearances for the University of Florida?


What teams have made consecutive super bowl appearances?

packers,Cowboys,dolphins,Vikings,steelers, Redskins,Broncos,49ers,Bills,patriots