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Q: Who is the only Major League Baseball Player to have his name announced by a person who is no longer alive?
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Where is Jim edmonds?

As of 2009 Jim Edmonds is no longer playing Major League Baseball.

What is a retired baseball player?

One who once played, but is no longer an active player on an organized team.

What is the oledst ballprark in Major League Baseball history that is no longer around?

The oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball (MLB) history that is no longer around is Union Grounds in Brooklyn, New York, which William Cammeyer enclosed and began charging admission in during the 1862 season.

What is the reason that the National League in baseball is sometimes referred to as the senior circuit?

Because the National League has been in existence longer than the American League ... the National League's first season as a major league was 1876 and the American League's first season as a major league was 1901.

Who is the oldest player in Major League Baseball?

Julio Franco of the New York Mets, whose age is listed at 48, but, some speculate, he may be older. Julio Franco retired after the 2007 season and is no longer an active player. The active player who is the oldest is pitcher Jamie Moyer of the Phillies who is 46.

How heavy a bat can you use in Major League Baseball?

There are no restrictions to the weight of a bat used by a major league batter. However, the bat may be no longer than 42 inches.

Is it illegal for a high school baseball practice to be longer then 2 hours?

It depends on the rules of you local high school league. You will have to ask them.

Candy bar named after a famous former baseball player?

The Reggie bar that is no longer around and Baby Ruth.

What are waivers in baseball?

Waivers is the term used when a team no longer wants a player. Click on the 'Waivers in Baseball' link on this page to get a better understanding of how waivers work.

Why do baseball players no longer wear tight baseball pants?

its no longer cool

Which planet is very far from earth?

Neptune. It used to be Pluto until they announced that it was no longer a planet

Which is longer season hockey or baseball?


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