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The oldest player was John Burridge, goalkeeper - 43 years old.

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Q: Who is the oldest premiership player?
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Who was the oldest player to make his debut in the Premiership?

Fernando hierro

Who is the oldest player to ever score on their premiership debut?

The oldest player to ever score on the premiership debut would be at the age of 43. The name of the 43 year old is Vic Cumberland.

Who is the oldest player playing in the premiership?

Jens Lehmann who is 40 in November 10th 2009

Who is the oldest football player in the premiership still playing?

Edwin van der sar

Who is currently the oldest premiership player?

The oldest footballer in the E.P.L today is Edwin Van Dersar. The goalkeeper of Manchester United.

Who is the oldest football player to win the fa cup and the premiership in the same year?

Edwin Vandersar

Oldest premier player?

Teddy Sheringham was the oldest premier league player previosly but Maik Taylor Birmingham City's Goal Keeper is over 40 making him the oldest player in the premiership in the 07-08 season

Who is the oldest player to ever represent a club in the premiership?

Teddy Sherrigham who was 39 years old.and a striker.

Oldest premiership player?

John Burridge was the oldest player to appear in a English Premiership League game. He came on as a half-time substitute for Manchester City against Newcastle United on 29 April 1995. He was aged 43 years, four months and 26 days.

Which premiership club has the oldest ground?


Oldest team to play in the premiership?

Stoke City are the oldest football team to play in the English Premiership, having been established in 1863.

Who is the oldest player to score in the premiership?

It is Teddy Sherringham, the former Manchester United, Spurs and Portsmouth player he scored the goal at 40 years.

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