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Patrice Evra

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Q: Who is the official club vice captain of Manchester united?
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How do you find original Manchester united shirt?

You can find it on Manchester United's official online club shop.

Who did Gary Neville succeed as captain of Manchester united fc?

Gary Neville succeeded Roy Keane as captain of the worlds best club Manchester United.

Who is the present captain of Manchester united football club?

Nemanja Vidic

Who was the First known Manchester united club captain?

Harry Stafford

Who was the First known club captain for Manchester united?

Harry Stafford

Who is the current captain ot Manchester united club?

gordon brown

Who is the captain of Manchester united in 1896 - 1903?

The first club captain of Manchester United under that name, who remained in the role between 1897 and 1903, was Harry Stafford.

What can be bought from the Manchester United shop?

Only the best official Manchester united football club clothing and memorabilia can be found in Manchester United stores around the world.Whether its club fashion or sporting goods.

Who is the Manchester United captain for the 2010 season?

The official club captain is Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs is the vice captain, but Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Edwin Van Der Sar have captained the side this season also.

Who was the team captain of Manchester united in 1927?

The club captain for the period 1922-28, including the whole of calendar year 1927, was Frank Barson - who scored 4 goals in 140 games for Manchester United.

Where is the club Manchester United?


Who is the captain of man united now?

It is Nemanja Vidic, A centreback for the club, who wears the #15 jersey. He is a world-class defender, who plays for the Serbian national team. Gary Neville is still club captain vidic is just captain on the pitch