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The question is not clear , played or paid.

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Cameron DeJong

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Q: Who is the number one high school soccer player?
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Can a soccer player get drafted out of high school?


Is there soccer in high school?

YES there are soccer in high school every high school have a soccer cond.

How many years of school does it take to become a soccer player?

soccer players have to stay 2 years in high schoo

Where did Michael bradley the soccer player go to high school?

St. Viator in Chicago.

What food choices for a high school soccer player?

chips brownies ice cream cake

Does high school have three teams in soccer in all grades?

No. Smaller high schools have fewer soccer teams. Larger high school tend to have more soccer teams.

What are the Soccer position for high school?

position : teacher in high school

How do you find soccer stats for women's high school soccer in Santa Rosa?

You type in on google Women's high school Soccer stats in Santa Rosa and see what comes up...or look at the national rankings for high school womens soccer!

Are spiked soccer cleats legal in high school soccer?


Do you capitalize High School Men's Soccer Team?

It does not need to be capitalizes unless your are talking about a specific high school team - such as Roosevelt High School Men's Soccer Team.

How do you get selected to be an all conference high school soccer player?

Don't eat at McDonald's. That's a mistake I made.

How many high school soccer players in US?

There are thousands of high school soccer players in the United States of America. There are many more joining soccer every day.