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Wide Receiver Jerry Rice has the most Touch Downs in NFL History. In his 21 year career, Rice scored 208 touch downs.

Jerry Rice played for three teams. They were: San Francisco, 1985-2000; Oakland, 2001-04; Seattle, 2004. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2010, in his first year of eligibility.

Rice was a 13 time pro bowler, 10 time First All-Pro team, and a member of the five San Francisco Super Bowl winning teams, being named the Super Bowl MVP for his play in Super Bowl XXIII.

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Q: Who is the nfl player with the most career TD's in history?
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Who has the most touchdowns in Dallas Cowboys history?

Emmitt Smith scored 164 TDs during his career with the Cowboys.

Most TDs by a NFL receiver?

Jerry Rice 197 tds in his career

What is the NFL record for most career TDs?

20 20

Who has the most touchdowns in history?

Jerry Rice with 207 receiving TDs Emmitt Smith with 175 Rushing TDs and Brett Favre with 497 passing TDs

Emmitt Smith scored 41 more TDs rushing than the next-best player Who scored 123 TDs rushing in their illustrious career?

Marcus Allen

Which NFL quarterback has the most career rushing TDs?

Steve Young with 43.

What NFL player has scored the most defensive touchdowns in a career?

As of the 2008 season, that would be Rod Woodson with 13 regular season TDs (12 INT returns for TDs and 1 fumble return for a TD). If you add in the playoffs the leader would be Aeneas Williams with 14 total TDs (11 INT returns for TDs (9 regular season and 2 playoff) and 3 fumble returns for TDs).

How many catching touchdowns did Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders had 10 receiving TDs in his career. He also had 99 rushing TDs for 109 total career TDs scored.

How many career touchdowns does Brian Westbrook have?

Through the second game of the 2007 season, Brian Westbrook has scored 38 career regular season TDs and 5 career postseason TDs.

Who scored the most TDs in patriots history?

Adam Vinatieri with 1,158 total points

Who scored the most goals in a career?

Lynn Swann Of the Pittsburgh Steelers With over 200 tds in 10 years

Who has scored the most points in his entire NFL career?

Morten Anderson - Kicker 2544 points Jerry Rice has the most TDs - 208

How many touchdowns did Walter Payton score with the bears?

Payton scored 125 TDs in his career with the Bears, 110 rushing TDs and 15 pass reception TDs. He also threw for 8 TDs with the Bears.

How many touchdowns did Troy Aikman have in the NFL?

Troy Aikman threw for 165 TDs in his career and rushed for 9 TDs.

Who holds the record for most playoff rushing touchdowns in a career?

Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys (1990-2002) had 19 rushing TDs in 17 playoff games in his career.

How many yards did Walter Payton have in his career?

Walter Payton had career stats of 3,838 rushes for 16,726 yards and 110 TDs and 492 pass receptions for 4,538 yards and 15 TDs.

Most rushing tds?

The most career rushing touchdown record is currently held by Emmit Smith with 164. The most in a single season is 27 byLaDainian Tomlinson in 2006. The most rushing touch downs by an active player is LaDainian Tomlinson with 145.

How many TDs has Eli Manning thrown in career?


Which Green Bay Packer player scored the most TDs as a Packer?

Brett Favre I think?

Who are the Philadelphia Eagles passing touchdown leaders?

As of the 2008 season, for a career it is Ron Jaworski with 175 passing TDs. For a season, it is Sonny Jurgensen with 32 passing TDs in 1961. Donovan McNabb has 171 career passing TDs and, barring disaster, should overtake Jaworski in the 2008 season.

Who has caught more TDs as a TE in NFL history?

Tony Gonzalez, currently of the Atlanta Falcons, has 82 career TD receptions through two games of the 2010 season.

Who led the NFL in touchdowns for the most seasons?

Don Hudson.Hudson, a Hall of Fame receiver for the Green Bay Packers between 1935-1945, led the NFL in TDs scored an incredible 8 seasons. His best season was 1942 when he scored 17 TDs, had 74 receptions and 1211 receiving yards in just 11 games. He scored 105 TDs (99 receiving, 3 rushing, 2 returns, 1 INT) in 116 regular season games and was the first player in NFL history to score 100 TDs for a career.He also led the NFL in pass receiving in 8 seasons and pass receiving yardage in 7 seasons.

Which Ravens player has the most touchdowns?

As of July 2014, Jamal Lewis has the most career touchdowns for the Baltimore Ravens with 47. Ray Rice has the second most with 43, and Todd Heap comes in third with 41. The single season record is held by Ray Rice with 15 TDs in 2011.

Who hold Cowboy's record for most career touchdown catches?

As of the start of the 2008 season, that would be Bob Hayes with 71 receiving TDs.

What receiver has had the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice, who is the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns scored with 208, had 197 career receiving TDs.