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Q: Who is the most valuable player for Manchester United?
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Which team was the most valuable sports in 2010?

Manchester United

Who is the most tactic player in Manchester united?

The winger Christiano Ronaldo is the most tactical player in the Manchester United team.

Who was the most popular football player in Manchester United?


Who is the best Manchester united player ever?

I feel it is Ryan gigs who played 14 years there and won the most medals at Manchester United.

Who is the most scoring Manchester United player ever?

its Alan shearer

Who is the player who has played the most games for Manchester united?

Ryan giggs

What professional sports team is the most lucrative?

It depends on what you mean by lucrative. The most valuable sports franchise is Manchester United. (Around 1.7B)

Which player has the most skill in Manchester united?

In Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most skillful player. He is well known for his tricks and outwitting defenders. Wayne Rooney and other like Nani and Tevez are also superb players.

Which player has won the most fa cups?

Ryan Giggs of Manchester United

Who is the most capped player for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs .unknown person

Most FA cup goals scored by a Manchester united player?


Which Manchester united player has been capped the most by his country?

72 times

Which soccer player has won the most leagues?

Ryan Giggs, Manchester United.

What player has scored most goals against Manchester United?

Danny murphy

Who is the oldest player for Manchester united?

Edwin Van der sar is the oldest player of man utd and Ryan Giggs do the most matches (about 600) and also he scored 110 times fo Manchester united

Which English football clubs spend the most on player salaries?

The clubs that spend the most on weekly salaries are Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Who is the most famous Man United Player?

In my opinion, Wayne Rooney could be the most famous Manchester United plyer in today's age.

Which Manchester united player has scored the most goals against Liverpool?

Alan Shearer

Which north American sports team was the most valuable in 2009?

The New York Yankees in the USA and the Manchester United Soccer Club worldwide.

Who has scored the most goals for Manchester united?

The greatest number of goals scored by a Manchester United player in all competitions is 249, scored by Bobby Charlton between 1956 and 1973.

Which team has won most between Barcelona and Manchester united?

Manchester United.

Who is the most supported team worldwide?

Manchester United. They have the best player in the world Christiano Ronaldo.

Football player has played the most number of fotball matches for Manchester united?

Bobby Charlton

What Manchester united player has received the most red cards in the premiership history?

Paul Scholes

Which of the machester club has won most premier league titles Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United