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The Yankees of course

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Q: Who is the most successful sports team in history?
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Who is the most successful rugby team in history?


Most marketable teams in sports history?

The New York Yankees are the most marketable team in sports history.

Who is the most losing team in sports history?

Pittsburgh pirates?

Who is the most successful team in volley ball history and in olympic history?

the USthe US

What is the name of the most successful sporting team in history?

Manchester United

Who is the most successful pop songwriting team in history?

Lennon and McCartney

How good are Liverpool?

they are good enought to be the most successful team in English history!

Its a fact liverpoolfc are most famous club?

Most successful English team in history, yeah

What team won the the the most championships in the history of professional sports?

houston astros

What is the most successful club in the world if you count all sports such as Football basketball etc?

Rangers Football Club are the most domestically successful football team in the world

Who is the most succesful football team in England?

Liverppol Fc are the most successful club side in the history of the game

Guinness World Records most successful sports team ever?

The two most successful sports franchise world wide are the New York Yankees of American Major League Baseball, and the Manchester United soccer club in England. Edit: Manchester United aren't even the most successful English team, that is Liverpool FC. In Europe, Real Madrid are considered the most successful with FIFA voting them the most successful club of the 20th century.

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