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Q: Who is the most popular track and field star?
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What is the best age to star track and field?


Jesse Owens track and field star?

He was in the 1930's.

Who is called as lightning bolt in sports?

Usain bolt track and field star

Which degree program in the health care field is the most popular?

The most popular degree program in the health care field seems to be star career academy with a major in nursing. Nursing is a rapidly growing profession that can suit everyone.

What are the most popular songs by The Manhattans?

The most popular song by The Manhattans is called Shining Star. This was the first track on their album After Midnight in the 1980s. The song reached number 5 on the billboard hot 100.

Which track and field star did Jared Leto portray in a 1997 movie?

Steve Prefontaine

What is the most popular star sign?

All star signs are popular for their own reasons.

What does the term track star mean?

Relating to track, as in track & field, a track star is a well-educated, mentally, and physically strong person. A man/woman who places themselves on a track and runs it to the best of their ability. By taking time and effort, becoming a track star a long hard-working journey and requires numerous steps to be at the peak of your running ability and performance on the track.

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What are facts about Marion Jones the track star?

some facts about Marion Jones are born October 12 1975 Marion Jones time at 2000 Olympic was 10.75 and also Marion Jones is 5 ft and 11iniches.Next Marion Jones was a basketball star in the WNBA but then went for track and field Jones. she also got 3 gold and 2 bronze medals in the 2000 Olympics and that was most medals and that is most medals a female in the track and field.

Which track and field star overcame her childhood polio to become the greatest athlete of her time?

Wilma Rudolph

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