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Q: Who is the most moved soccer player currently who still plays?
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Who is a famous soccer player from Lebanon?

A famous soccer player from Lebanon is Rida Anter. Currently, he plays in German soccer team after his famous talent.

Does Alberto Paloschi a soccer player who currently plays for FC Parma have a girlfriend?

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Who is the best soccer player under 21?

Neymar. he plays for santos and is currently 20

Who is Hernandez?

Carlos Hernanddez is a brazilion soccer player who currently plays in Australia for Melbourne Victory. He plays as a striker.

What soccer team is soccer player Carlos vela currently playing with?

Carlos Vela plays for West Bron at 16.03.11

Bailey Cave from Facing the Giants?

He plays David Childers, a soccer player who moved from Athens, Georgia.

Who is the number one soccer player in the world?

Kaka, who plays for AC Milan is currently the number 1 player in the world and was voted FIFA World Soccer Player of the Year

Ricardo Quaresma is a soccer player from where?

Ricardo Quaresma is a soccer player from Lisbon in Portugal. He plays as a forwards and currently he is in the Al Ahli Dubai team as well as playing international soccer for Portugal.

Who is Richard mulrooney?

He is an American football (soccer) player. He currently plays as a defensive midfielder for the Houston Dynamo.

What is a person who plays soccer?

A Soccer Player!

Is naymar a Mexican soccer player?

There is no such player named Naymar of Mexican origin. You may be referring to Neymar, who currently plays for FC Barcelona and the Brazilian Nation Soccer Team.

What sport does Carles Puyol play?

Carles Puyol is a professional soccer player. He currently plays for FC Barcelona.

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