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Q: Who is the most glorious soccer player in euro tournament?
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Who was the player of the tournament in EURO 2012?


Who is the most paid soccer player in the world?

the most paid soccer player is LIONEL MESSI 33 MILLION EURO A YEAR

What is the average salary for a soccer player in the Italian Serie A?

75,000 euro per week.

When was Euro Beach Soccer Cup created?

Euro Beach Soccer Cup was created in 1998.

When was Euro Beach Soccer League created?

Euro Beach Soccer League was created in 1998.

What is euro cup in soccer?

It is an international soccer tournament played by the countries in Europe culminating in a finals tournament every 4 years. For most of the 2 preceding years teams play in groups to qualify for the finals. Then next finals tournament is in the summer of 2016. There is also a club competition for European soccer clubs now known as the Champions League, but prior to 1992 it was known as the European Cup.

Which tournament did England last beat Holland?

EURO 2004

Which country was the euro soccer champion 2008?

Spain won Euro 2008

How many countries will participate in euro 2016?

Sixteen countries shall participate in the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament.

Who was considered the best goalkeeper of the 1960 EURO tournament?

Lev Yashin

Why did England miss out on Euro 2008?

They failed to qualify for the main tournament.

What channel does the euro 2012 come on?

EURO 2012 will be on ESPN and FSC (fox soccer channel).

Who won Uefa Euro International 1968?

Italy, they also hosted the tournament.

What was the total number of goals scored in the euro 2004 UEFA tournament?


Which soccer player made the most passes during a soccer game?

Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona & Spain) something like 327 passes in Spain v Ireland euro 12

What are the most popular soccer tournaments in the world?

euro and fifa

Is soccer game a common noun?

Yes, the compound noun 'soccer game' is a common noun, a word for any soccer game.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Midnight Madness Soccer Tournament, San Jose CANiagara Cup Classic, Niagara Falls, CanadaUEFA Euro 20122014 World Cup Brazil

What is euro short for?

The Euro is the fullname of a currency, and so it is not short for anything. In other contexts Euro can be short for Europe, as in Euro 2012, a name for the European Soccer Championships in 2012.

Who won the euro-cup soccer 2008?

spain won the euro cup with 1-0 over germany

What is Spain biggest win in soccer?

Spains biggest win in soccer has been the 2008 Euro cup.

What is the price of a soccer field?

I am a civil engineer from Greece. The answer is about 400000 euro for a soccer field 11x11, but it depends of many things

Why the different soccer balls in the euro cup and world cup?

different sponsors

Did the Italian soccer team wear kappa kombat jerseys for the euro competition?


What sports awards have the Greeks won?

The Greeks won Euro 2004. (Soccer)

Who won the soccer Euro 2012?

Defending champions Spain won the Euro 2012 by beating Italy 4-0 in a comprehensive victory.