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Q: Who is the most famous sportsman?
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Who is the famous sportsman in Pakistan?


Who is famous sportsman in Nepal?

criketer Komal Pandey

Where online can one find information about the sportsman Woody Hayes?

One can find information about the sportsman Woody Hayes on the 'SportsCenter' website. The website provides a biography of this famous sportsman and others.

Most who is the most famous person in English history?

The most famous person in English history is probably Robin Hood; although, there is doubt that he was a real person.

Which famous sportsman said when you are as great as i am its hard to be humble?

cassius clay

Who is the famous Australian sportsman?

There are and have been many famous Australian sportsmen and women. You need to be more specific.

Which famous NZ cricketer was 'Sportsman of the Dacade' for 1980's?

Richard Hadlee

Who is the famous sportsman ever?

Tiger Woods.

Which famous New Zealand cricketer was named sportsman of the Decade for the 1980's?

richard hadlee

What city is known as a sportsman's paradise famous from everything from fishing to Nascar racing?

islamarada, Florida

Why were Socrates and Descartes famous sportsmen in Ancient Greece?

Socrates lived in Ancient Greece but was a philosopher and teacher, not a sportsman. Descartes was a French philosopher who lived in the 1600's. He was no sportsman either.

Who is Most popular sportsman in the world?

Roger Federer