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Q: Who is the most famous men's soccer player in the world?
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Who is the only US mens soccer player to score in more than one world cup?

brian mcbride, currently at fulham fc

Who won the first mens soccer world cup?


What world rank is the US mens soccer team?

USA world ranked 20th

Who is the oldest soccer player to play for any mens national team?

Perhaps it was Roger Milla - 42 years old when he played in the 1994 world cup

Is ahmedey abdinoor mohamed gay?

No he is not gay. HE is straight. He likes girls not Mens. HE IS ALSO THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER IN THE WORLD. GO AHMADEY

Who won the last mens world soccer cup?

Italy won the 2006 world cup in Germany.

What country has won the second most mens soccer world cups?

It is Italy with four world cups.

What year did the mens US soccer team win the world cup?

they have never won a world cup

Did Italy win the soccer world cup for 2007?

The 2007 soccer world cup was womens and Italy didn't win Germany did. But, the 2006 world cup was mens & Italy did win on penalties

Is there a difference between mens soccer balls and womens soccer balls?


Who is number 16 on the US national mens soccer team?

There isn't a number 16 currently on the United States' national mens' soccer team.

David Beckhams shoe size?

UK soccer player David Beckham wears a shoe size of 10 US mens respectively.

Division 1AA mens Soccer?

no, only football

What is the mens Australian soccer team called?

The Socceroos.

Which country was the mens soccer champion in 2002?


Who is Lee Chong Wei?

He is a no.1 mens single badminton player in the world, he is Malaysian

Who is the all time leading scorer in mens soccer?


Who is the coach of the U.S. mens' soccer team?

Jürgen Klinsmann.

What percent of mens soccer gets watched on tv?


Who is number 5 on the US mens soccer team?


Is soccer an Olympic sport?

Yes it is. In addition to the mens game, womens soccer was added to the Olympic program in 1996.

Is soccer an Olympics sport?

Yes it is. In addition to the mens game, womens soccer was added to the Olympic program in 1996.

Does cu have soccer?

If you are refering to Colorado University then for women yes. They have a womens soccer program that is fairly decent. I don't belive that there is a mens soccer program.

Can a division three mens college soccer player ever go to the mls?

It is not impossible. You'd have to get noticed, possibly scouted or sign for a smaller club and work your way up.

How many girls on a soccer team?

the sames as mens soccer. 11 on the field and 3-5 subs