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Five exceptional badminton players:

Howard Bach

Howard Bach, of California, competing in men's doubles (with Bob Malaythong) and mixed doubles (with Eva Lee) in the Beijing Olympics. Bach is the holder of a world Badminton championship title in men's doubles, with Tony Gunawan. He is looking to add Olympic wins to his collection.

Eva Lee

Eva Lee, from Orange, California, is undertaking the greatest workload of any US Olympic badminton competitor. She is playing in three events, and will need to remain fresh and ready to compete in women's singles, women's doubles (with Mesinee Mangkalakiri), and mixed doubles (with Howard Bach).

Eva Lee has a stellar history in international badminton play in the Pan American games. This year, in Beijing, she takes it up a notch!

Khan ''Bob'' Malaythong

Bob Malaythong, a Laotian by birth and a native of Rockville, MD, by choice, plays mens doubles with Howard Bach. He brings reach and focus to the team

Mesinee ''May'' Mangkalakiri

Mesinee Mangkalakiri is women's doubles partner with Eva Lee. Mesinee trains at the Orange County Badminton Club.

Raju Rai

Raju Rai, the only men's singles badminton competitor for the USA at the Beijing Olympics.

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Q: Who is the most famous badminton player?
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