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Q: How may years to be a professional badminton player?
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Is high school badminton the same as professional badminton?

No. High school badminton is played by players from the same school, other schools or other states. Professional badminton is played by players from different states, regions or even countries. Usually, there may only be a small prize for winning at the high school level. Professional players make a living off winning competitions.

What is the average professional soccer player's salary in Australia?

In Australia, the average professional soccer player's salary ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. Salary may vary depending on team and years with the team.

Are you allowed to shout on a badminton court?

If you want to, you can, but, if you are not a player, don't do it because you may be kicked out from that spot!

How may years of school do you need to become a professional wrestler?

2-5 years is the best.

Who is the Girl Scout champion of badminton?

Girl Scouts do not sponsor a badminton championship. There may be local competitions or a troop or group may have their own competition, but there is no 'official' Girl Scout badminton champion. There is no badminton champion listed on any of the Famous Girl Scout/Girl Guide lists.

Can a professional baseball re enter if he is pitch ran for?

No. Once a player is substitued for in professional baseball he may not re-enter the game.

When did Filipinos learn to play badminton?

may the thirteenth 1963

What clothing you wear for badminton?

Athletic clothing that is not too loose. You may also choose to buy shoes specific to the sport of badminton.

Why do you need good balance for badminton?

In Badminton, you will often have to lunge for the shuttle. If you don't have good balance, then you may fall over when you're lunging.

How old is Terry Im the professional beatboxer from Canada?

He turned 23 years old on May 13th

Can a professional baseball player reenter the game if he is pitch ran for?

No. Once a player is removed from the game for any reason, he may not re-enter the game.

What is advanced professional experience?

Advanced professional experience refers to a recognized profession such as an account. This is considered a profession that can be enhanced by on the job experience that may take many years.

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