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It is shared by Sachin Tendulkar of India and Javed Miandad of Pakistan.

Javaid Miandad from pakistan and Sachin Tendulkar from india

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Q: Who is the most capped cricket player of ODIs ICC World Cup?
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Which cricket stadium in the UAE has the highest number of ODIs played?

Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium.

Who has taken the highest no of wickets in cricket?

Muttiah Muralidharan(In tests and ODIs)

Who is the leading wicket taker in cricket world cup?

Shahid Khan Afridi taking 14 wickets of 3 odis in world cup. 5/18 best

Who is the highest run scorer in a single over in oneday international cricket?

Herchelle Gibbs 36 (666666) v Netherlands 2007 World Cup in ODIs

How many test games of cricket did Geoff Howarth play?

47 tests and 70 odis.

Why is sachin tendulkar so famous?

He is the best Cricket player of all time - most centuries in ODIs and Tests (by a LONG LONG way). Only person ever to get 200 in limited over cricket! He is also a very old (by comparison) player which expresses how determined and focused he is.

Who announced his retirement recently from the England Cricket Team?

Andrew Strauss, the former captain of the England ODI side has called it quits for England in ODIs after the 2011 Cricket World Cup. But he will yet play for England in tests.

Who is the Australian cricket team captain?

Michael Clarke for (For Tests and ODIs) George Bailey for T20's.

What is the highest score of Australia in odis?

Austraila highest score in one day cricket - 434/4

Who has got the most hundreds in all types of cricket?

sachin tendulkar 42 in tests and 43 in ODIs

Which cricket player hit the most sixes in his career?

Shahid Afridi is the man who hit most sixes in his career. The total is 354 , details are Tests 52 ODIs 280 T20s 22

Why is suresh raina not playing the test matches?

Suresh raina is not playing in test matches because his tempor and stamina is not good for playing test cricket he is very good player in odis and t20s.