What is the highest score of Australia in odis?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Austraila highest score in one day cricket - 434/4

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Q: What is the highest score of Australia in odis?
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What is highest losing score in odis?

194 by CK Coventry

What is the highest score in odi and who made that?

Sachin Tendulkar made the highest score in ODIs, his 200 was the first double hundred made in ODIs. It was made in Gwalior against South Africa.

Top ten cricket score?

I am a great cricket fan. Rohit sharma got the highest score in odis.

What is the lowest winning score in odis?

101-9 by Australia against West Indies in 1992.

Who is the highest run getter as wicketkeeper in ODI?

Adam Gilchrist (9619 runs in 287 ODIs) for Australia

What is the highest score in soccer game?

The highest score is 31-0. Australia beat American Samoa with this score.

Who score first ODIs century?

amiss denis

Highest one-day cricket score?

The highest individual one day score in a game between first class sides is 268 by Ali Brown (then of Surrey) against Glamorgan at the Oval, Surrey amassed 438 runs but only won narrowly. The highest team score was 495 (again at the Oval, again for Surrey against Glamorgan, but on a later occasion. The highest scores in ODIs were achieved by Australia (434) and South Africa (438) who batted second in the game that Australia achieved their 434. Both where achieved in 50 over format games

What is the highest score on mathletics level3?

123 is the highest score . the mathlete who achieved this is zahab mahmood from Australia sydney

How many centuries did Rahul Dravid score in ODIs?


What is the highest ever score of Australia against India in the Test Cricket?

Highest ever score by Australia against India in Test Cricket is 674 at Adelaide in 1948.

Who have scored the highest score in One day international 2014?

In 2014, Rohit Sharma scored the highest score of 264 runs. It is the highest score played by any player in ODIs in international cricket. The match was happened in Eden Gardens, Kolkata against Srilanka.