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Q: Who is the longest tenured NHL coach of all time?
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Who is the longest tenured goalie in the NHL?

Martin Brodeur has been with the New Jersey Devils since he first appeared for the team in the 1991-1992 season, taking over full time in the 1993-1994 season.

Who is the longest serving head coach in NHL history?

Don Cherry .

What was the longest play time without a stoppage or whistle in NHL hockey?

10 minutes was the longest play time without a stoppage or whistle in NHL hockey.

Who was the NHL goaltender that played in the two longest over time games?

billy smith

What is the longest time a captain stayed on his NHL team?

Steve Yzerman served as the captain of the Detroit Red Wings for twenty years (1986-87 to 2005-06) and 1303 games during that time, the longest term in the history of the NHL by both years and games

How much does an NHL coach earn?


Why is there no female Coaches in the NHL?

because all of the coaches who are qualified enough to coach in the nhl are male

Who is the most fired coach in the NHL?

Rishi Senthilkumar

What is the Jack Adams Trophy?

Coach of the Year trophy in the NHL

Who was named 1989 NHL Coach of the Year?

Pat Burns

Who was the first black hockey coach?

NHL Dirk. Graham

What is the salary of NHL coach Claude Noel?

2.85 million