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Bret Favre has started his last 278 games as of Sep 22, 2008

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โˆ™ 2008-09-23 03:29:34
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Q: Who is the longest active player in nfl?
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Longest active NFL player?

Morten Anderson

Which player who is still active in the NFL has been playing the longest?

Ray Lewis

What nfl team has the longest active sell out streak?


Which team has the longest active consecutive playoff appearances for the NHL MLB NFL NBA?

The NFL.

What NFL team has the longest active home winning streak?


Is Brett Favre the longest lasted nfl player?

Bret Farve is currently the longest lasted living player in the NFL. however, George Blanda played 26 seasons of pro football From 1945 to 1975 which, according to NFL history, was the longest lasted player.

Who is the longest playing NFL player?

Brett farve

What NFL player has had the longest career?

george blanda

What active NFL player has the most NFL pro bowls?

Junior Seau

Who is the longest active nba player?

Kobe Bryant

What active player has been in the NBA longest?

ur momma

What active NFL player has the most Super Bowl rings in the NFL?

Tom Brady...unfortunately

Which NFL player had the longest career?

George Blanda Had 26 Years.

What player has most active years in nfl?

Brett Farve

Who is Jeff fisher?

Coach of the Tennessee Titans of the NFL, he is a Taft high school alumni, and has the longest tenure of any active head coach in the nfl.

Who was major league baseball's longest active manager and player?

The longest active player was Nolan Ryan who played for 27 seasons (1966, 1968-1993). The longest active manager was Connie Mack who managed for 53 seasons (1894-1896 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1901-1950 Philadelphia Athletics). Currently (2008), the longest active player is Jamie Moyer (22 seasons) and the longest active manager is Bobby Cox (27 seasons: 1978-1981 Atlanta Braves, 1982-1985 Toronto Blue Jays, 1990-2008 Atlanta Braves).

How many years has an NFL player played?

I think George Blanda is likely the player with the longest career.

Which nfl player currently has the longest pass?

Dan Marino(99 yards)

What player in the NFL has the longest pass run?

tony dorsett 99 tards

Who is the longest playing football player in the NFL?

George Blanda Oakland Raiders

Can a NFL player go from IR to the active during the playoff season?


Longest active quarterbacks in NFL history?

Brett Favre, Joe montana, Terry Bradshaw, among others

Who was the player that signed the longest NFL contract?

Donovan McNabb.. 12 years with Eagles

Is Brett Favre the oldest active player in nfl?

He is the Oldest active Quarterback. Placekickers here and there a much older than him.

Who is the longest active player in Italian soccer?

It was Paulo Maldini of Italy and A.C. Milan.