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Q: Who is the lightest offensive linemen in the NFL?
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What is the average height of offensive linemen in the nfl?


What is the popular rookie position in the NFL?

an offensive linemen

What college has the most offensive linemen drafted by NFL teams?


Who is the shortest offensive linemen in the NFL?

Bobby liver he was 5'7 but died of steroids

Who is the slowest person in the nfl?

Josh Hall an offensive linemen with the time of 6.21

What is average speed of NFL Offensive Linemen?

5.2 4o yard dash

Who are the Top 10 highest paid NFL offensive linemen?

joe thomas

Which NFL teams have drafted the most Offensive Linemen?

as of this year only the Vikings have

Where do you get information about American football offensive linemen blocking techniques?

google, nfl network

How big will NFL offensive linemen be in 20 years?

In terms of NFL, most likely bigger, linemen are getting bigger on average. No person could survive on the offensive line in major college football or NFL at 270 lbs. In college, if the spread offense gets used more and more, then smaller, coaches in that system like lighter linemen, not many over or at 300lbs in say Rich Rod's scheme.

Is there a weight limit on NFL linemen?


What number is assigned to the various NFL players on a football team?

In the NFL, numbers are assigned by what position the player plays: 1-19: Quarterbacks, kickers, wide receivers, and punters. 20-49: Running backs, tight ends, cornerbacks and safeties. 50-59: Linebackers and offensive linemen. 60-79: Offensive linemen and defensive linemen. 80-89: Wide receivers and tight ends. 90-99: Linebackers and defensive linemen.

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