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On average, the defensive ends (DE) are the lightest linemen. They need speed more than mass. That applies to both college and the pros. You will get an occasional DE that weighs a lot more than average. They are usually on 3-4 defensive schemes. These guys don't really meet the definition of defensive end, as the outside linebacker (OLB) performs their function (outside contain).

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The lightest NFL player is on the Giants he weighs 160lbs and is 5'10'' and plays DB.

His name is Lamont Brightful. He has played in games so he is an offical NFL player.

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probly Jason Taylor hes like only 250

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Q: Who is the lightest offensive linemen in the NFL?
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What is the popular rookie position in the NFL?

an offensive linemen

Who are the Top 10 highest paid NFL offensive linemen?

joe thomas

What college has the most offensive linemen drafted by NFL teams?


Which NFL teams have drafted the most Offensive Linemen?

as of this year only the Vikings have

What is average speed of NFL Offensive Linemen?

5.2 4o yard dash

Where do you get information about American football offensive linemen blocking techniques?

google, nfl network

How big will NFL offensive linemen be in 20 years?

In terms of NFL, most likely bigger, linemen are getting bigger on average. No person could survive on the offensive line in major college football or NFL at 270 lbs. In college, if the spread offense gets used more and more, then smaller, coaches in that system like lighter linemen, not many over or at 300lbs in say Rich Rod's scheme.

How heavy are the football players on the offensive line?

Depending on the level you're asking about, the weight of offensive linemen can vary quite a bit. At highschool, a team with an average offensive line weight of 260 or 270 is considered enormous. That being said, highschool linemen can compete at weight as low as 180 and 200 to as high as 380. In D-1 college football, offensive linemen frequently weigh 300 pounds. 270 and 280 pounds are also somewhat common, but are generally considered a bit undersized whereas linemen weighing over 350 are pretty rare. In the NFL, an undersized lineman can be 6-3, 280 pounds. At the highest level of competition, nearly all offensive linemen weigh over 300 and stand near or above 6-5, Offensive linemen weighing over 350 pounds are becoming a common sight in the NFL. I hope that answers your question

Where does the defensive lineman lineup?

On the line of scrimmage opposit the offensive linemen. He can line up between the offensive linemen or directly in front of them.

What are defensive linemen numbers?

Defensive linemen numbers in the NFL are usually anywhere from 70-99

What is the body fat percentage of the typical NFL offensive linemen?

In the 2007 NFL Combine, the offensive lineman average was somewhere between 21% and 24% body fat. However, the lowest body fat percentage was somewhere near 16%. The fattest offensive lineman was just above 30%.

High school offensive linemen?

whats your question??