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Kicker Ryan Longwell has scored the most points with over 1000.

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2011-02-02 07:09:46
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Q: Who is the leading scorer in team history for the Green Bay Packers?
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Who is the all-time leading scorer for the Green Bay Packers?

As of the end of the 2007 season, the Packers all time leading scorer is place kicker Ryan Longwell with 1,054 points.

Who is the best team in NFL history?

The Green Bay Packers.

How many quarterbacks have the Green Bay Packers had in their history?


How many games have the Green Bay Packers won in their history?


How many games did the Green Bay Packers play in their history?


How many games did the packers win in history?

In their history, the Green Bay Packers have won 730 games, including regular season and playoffs/championships.

Which college has produced the most Green Bay Packers players in Packers history since 1921?

notre dame

When were the Green Bay Packers formed?

The Green Bay Packers were formed on August 11th 1919. They have had a long and storied history making them a storied franchise in the NFL.

History of NFL?

Green Bay Packers won the first 2 superbowls.

Why does cheese represent Green Bay Packers?

Cheese represents the Green Bay Packers because they are based in Wisconsin, America's Dairyland. Wisconsin is one of the nations leading dairy producers which includes cheese.

How many times have the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers played each other in their history?

In Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers and Packers will meet for the 33rd time in their history. The Packers currently lead the series 18-14.

Have many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers?

The Steelers have lost 19 times to the Green Bay Packers. The two teams have met 33 times in their history.

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