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Denard Robinson

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Q: Who is the leading College quarterback rushing and passing combined?
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Alltime leading quarterback in passing touchdowns?

As of the 2008 season, Brett Favre with 442.

What NCAA quarterback holds the record for the most combined rushing-passing yards?

Armanti Edwards

Which college quarterback has the most passing yards?

The record for the most passing yards by a college quarterback in his career is held by Timmy Chang. Chang played for University of Hawaii from 2000-2004 and managed to throw for an astonishing 17,072 yards.

Notre Dame of 19-18 in 1983 Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie passing yards?

Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie completed 16 of 37 passes for 287

What is a perfect quarterback rating in college?

1,261.6 It is achieved by passing for 99-yard touchdowns on each attempt.The lowest is -731.6, which is achieved by passing for a 99-yard loss on each attempt.

Average passing yards of a quarterback?

55 mph

What quarterback has the most passing touchdowns in a season?

John Elway

Which quarterback had the most passing yards in 2009?

Drew Brees.

Are sacks considered negative passing yards for a quarterback?

no sir

Are sacks considered negative rushing yards for a quarterback?

yes, in college football. In the NFL sack yardage is taken away from the team passing total. It has no affect on rushing yards.

Which black NFL quarterback has most passing yards?

doug Williams

What quarterback has thrown for most passing yards in a career?

Dan fouts