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Q: Who is the last player to win a high school college and pro championship in the same sport?
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What is BCS in college sport?

Bowl Championship Series

Can you name a University or College with championship in every major sport?

University of Texas

Who is the only school in the sec that has not won a national championship in any sport?

Mississippi State has not won a National Championship.

What college in any division has won the most national championship in any sport?


Where can one find information on the BCS Championship?

The first championship was held in 1998 after the end of the college football season and is now considered the Super Bowl of college football. More information can be obtained from ESPN College Football, Prime Sport, or Bowl Championship Series.

Where is beacon community college school?

Beacon Community College is in Crowborugh, it a sport college that a lot study attend that school and it also a secondary school too.

What is ice cube's favorite sport?

Football as a fact he let his high school as a freshman to the championship

Which NCAA Division One school has never one a national championship in any sport?


Is a college degree needed to coach college football?

yes you have to go to school to teach any sport college or not phys. ed is your best chance to teach a sport

Can a college player play another sport after playing four years of one sport?


What examples are there of ways in which people participate in sport?

Go to school/college. (:

Has telfair county high school ever won a Georgia state championship in any sport?


Will Ferrell play sport in college or high school?

baseball,soccer, and rugby

What championship does the sport hockey win?

NHL Championship- The Stanley Cup

Are you bound to play a sport all four years of college once you are recruited for it?

No. However, if a school gives a player an athletic scholarship, they can take that scholarship away if the player decides to quit or transfer.

Whose son went to a school that asked him to play a sport there and that he would get a college scholarship if he played at that school?


Can someone play on a college team if they do not go to that college and the college they attend does not offer that sport?

No. By rules, they must compete in their school sponored athletics.

Do you have to play high school sports to play college sports?

yes! offcourse... high school will lead you to college. that's where they can discover you.. Untrue. Every professional sport has athletes that did not play that sport in HS. The Phila Eagles have a Guard who did not play in High School.

When did athletics become a professional?

You have to be drafted out of college or high school sometimes it depends on the sport.

Can you get into college swimming by doing it as a club sport in high school if you are home schooled?

Yes, you can.

What sports did bill Clinton play in college?

Bill Clinton never played a varsity sport in high school or college. His favorite sport later in life and as president is golf.

When was Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's soccer championship created?

Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's soccer championship was created in 1987.

When was Canadian Interuniversity Sport men's soccer championship created?

Canadian Interuniversity Sport men's soccer championship was created in 1972.

What is the Oldest championship sport?

Stanley CUP

What sport is played in the anz championship?