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Andrew Bynum

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Q: Who is the lakers basketball team pivot man?
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What is lil wayne'sfavorite sports teams?

Packers lakers Red Sox capitals Man U lsu football unc basketball

Who is monica's boyfriend?

ummm well i think monicas boyfriend is some man from the lakers team for 2010

What are two main defenses used by a standard basketball team?

Some well known basketball defenses are the 2-3 zone and the man to man defense.

What was the unofficial nickname given to the us man's basketball team at at the 1992 summer Olympics?

Dream Team

What has the author Dick Friendlich written?

Dick Friendlich has written: 'Pivot man' -- subject(s): Basketball stories, Sports stories

What is c in basketball?

C in basketvall stands for 'Centre'. The big-man of the team.

What is meant by man to man marking in basketball?

what man to man marking is when on player marks the best player from the opposing team so then his/her players cannot pass to him/her

Is Ramon Sessions a Good NBA Basketball Player?

Being on the Lakers, he is the ideal point guard we have been needing. Quick, a scoring machine, and a great assist man

How do you rewrite the phrase muses of the basketball team into appropriate possessive form of noun?

basketball team's muses. team is the main concern, since basketball is just describing the type of team. so just pretend it only says team, which is a singular noun, just like you are saying "dog" or "man" or "potato" or something. that makes it easier to see

Was barack obama a good basketball player?

He was the 6th or 7th man on a championship high school team in a state not noted for its quality of high school basketball. He did not play college basketball.

Was Barack Obama a starter for his high school basketball team?

No- I believe he was considered the sixth man.

Where can you download Spider-Man pivot?

go on droidz its got loads of pivot files 2 download no droidz does not have a good spider man stik

What is the value of a 1985 Basketball signed by the complete Lakers team Includes Kareem Magic Worthy etc?

Man, I just watched 1985's Game 6 Final, on DVD "The Complete History of the LA LAKERS"...if the ball had Magic J, Kareem, James Worthy and co's scrible on it.....It would be worth a s%$t load. I'd easilly pay $1000 AU for it.......from AUSGAMBIT!

What are the advantages to man to man defense in basketball?

It places more pressure on the ball increasing the chance of a mistake on the opponents part. A great man-to-man defense is a team defense, not just individuals guarding their own man, but five team mates working together.

Use a sentence with the word fervent?

The man was fervent about basketball, because he went to every game of his favorite team.

What are some slang words used in team sports?

Feed the big man! A Technique used commonly in basketball!

Plainfield High School who are members of 1976 boys basketball team?

there was a man on that team names todd beufjuil. i rember fillin in for this partuicalr team. i rember a gay guy on the team. his name was chad morsisf

Where can you download Spider-Man man pivot?

go to you tube and write spider-man stick pack

What are the two main defences in basketball?

The defenses in basketball are man to man and zone.

Was the inventor of basketball a man or a woman?

the inventor of basketball was a man by the name of James Naismith.

Who made the sport of basketball?

The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man. The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man.

How man titles did magic Johnson win on the lakers?


What is a man to man in basketball?

Man-to-man is when each player on the floor is assigned to defend another player on the opposing team. when a player is in man coverage they stay on the opposing player no matter what, like glue. no matter where the opposing player goes they have to go with him.

Who is the man in the gold jacket at the lakers game?

James Goldstein

What is a pivot stick?

Oh a pivot stick you must be talking about the pivot stick man animator it's some really cool animating software where you make stickman then make videos. If you have ever seen one of those video's on youtube that is a movie with nothing but stick men in them it was most likely made with pivot