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david akers. A pro bowl kicker from the eagles

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Q: Who is the kicker on the team and something about him?
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Can a team change the kicker for a penalty if the kick is to be retaken?

A penalty kicker may be changed between retakes of a penalty kick. When taking kicks from the penalty mark to decide the winner, no kicker may kick again until everyone on their team has taken a turn.

Who is the kicker for the Australian Rugby Union team?

Ridwan Osman

Who was the Shoeless Kicker for The Eagles Football Team?

Tony Franklin

What is a field goal in NFL football?

This is when the team with possession of the football lines up on the line of scrimage and a kicker from that team tries to kick the football between the two goal posts. If the kicker makes it, it is worth 3 points.

Average salary of an nfl kicker?

The average salary for an NFL kicker and punter is about $1,051,131 per year. They receive a base salary which can vary depending on the team they are on.

What is the salary of a CFL kicker?

The average salary of a CFL kicker is $80,000 per year. This salary increases or decreases based on skill level and the team they play on.

What NFL football team did kicker tom dempsey play for?


What position scores the most points on a NFL team?

Place kicker

Who will be the place kicker for french rugby team on Saturday?

Morgan parra

How do you line up for rugby kick off?

if you are receiving then the forwards line up wherever the opposing team are most concentrated. if your team is kicking then you line up just behind the kicker with most players on the side the kicker has said to be kicking at.

What was the team Hope Solo on in thee NFL as a goal kicker?

The minnesota Vikings

Why was Cinderella kicker off the baseball team?

Because she ran away from the ball.

How do you become the starting kicker on your football team?

Kick better than anyone else on the team, or anyone who also tries out.

When a team punts the ball how long is the kicker protected?

Dont care.

Which member of the Packers wore 5?

Mason Crosby, the kicker for the team.

What team member kicks the ball off and where on the field does that occur?

The kicker. At there on 30 yard line

What is in a football team?

1 quarter back 2 wide recievers 1 runningback 1 tight end 1 kicker a team Defence

What happens when the kicker does not kick the football past 10 yards on an onside kick?

The kicking team cannot recover the ball unless a returning team member touches it.

Is there girls football league?

Sadly, not. But there is this one little girl that i saw on tv, and she is a kicker for her school football team.

What is the best team on Madden 25?

the 49ers because they have the best overall and they are really hard hitters. there weakness is that they have a really terrible kicker

Do you have to say hike on a kickoff?

The kicker does not say hike on a kickoff. The kicker only has to Hold two fingers above his head and if the other team is ready he can kick the ball. (example) the Browns are kicking to the dolphins. Both teams are ready and the kicker raises his hand, raises two fingers and runs up two the ball and kicks it to the dolphins.

How far should a kicker be able to kick?

A Punter (After a touchdown or fieldgoal is made) in the NFL should at least kick 65 yards.A Field Goal Kicker should be able to kick at least 55-60 yards to be good.A Kicker, (When a team kicks the ball away) should kick approximately 35 or more yards.Field Goal's need accuracyPunter's and Kicker's don't

What is the minimum NFL pay?

In the mid $200,000 range. That's even for a kicker. Or back up. Depending on which team and position.

Which team kicked longest field goal in super bowl 2012?

Giants kicker Tynes 38 field goal.

Does the kicker use a different football than the team?

Yes, they use what is called a K ball, it is a ball that can be prepped before the game for a bout an hour to get it just right for the kicker depending on the weather or turf, as compared to the other balls that cannot get prepped at all