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I think it is Christiano Ronaldo.

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Q: Who is the highest sign-off fee footballer in the world?
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What is the highest paid transfer fee paid for an English player?

The highest transfer fee for a English footballer is 35 million pounds for Andy Carrol.

Which footballer has recorded the highest ever transfer fee in club football?

Football/Soccer. Probably Cristiano Ronaldo from Man united to Real Madrid 2009, for £80 million (about $130)

What percentage does a footballer get of the transfer fee?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo the most expencive footballer?

Yes he is he was transfered to Real Madrid from Manchester United for a world record fee of £80 Million

What type of real estate ownership is the most all-inclusive?

Ownership in fee simple is the highest form of real property ownership.

Whats the largest trasfer fee for a footballer?

Zinedine zidane 44 million pounds

What is the highest paid transfer fee in football?

the highest transfer fee was Cristiano ronaldo from man united to real Madrid for £80 million pounds in 2009

What are the benefits of agents?

The ben eifits of agents are that they doall the talking and running around, and they will get their fee and the footballer can concentrate on their game.

What is the highest transfer fee currently paid in soccer?

The highest paid soccer fee for a single player is, 80 Million Pounds by Real Madrid to Manchester United for Christiano Ronaldo in 2009

Which footballer did Spanish Football Club Real Madrid buy for a record fee of 80 million pounds?

Spanish giants Real Madrid bought Christiano Rolando from Manchester United for a world record of 80 million pounds. yes they did, also recently they payed a German footballer(ozil) 25 million to come and play.......lots of money to spend. that is why real Madrid is the richest club in the world

What is the fee for World of Warcraft?

The fee for World of Warcraft is about $15 a month.

What is the highest stud fee?

500K Storm Cat in 2002

Rhinoplasty prices have three separate fees in them what are they?

The cost of a rhinoplasty procedure includes the surgeons fees, the anaesthesia fee and the facilities fees. The highest fee is usually the Plastic surgeons fee.

What player had the highest transfer fee paid?

Cristiano Ronaldo at £80m

What are the top 10 universities in the Philippines are highest tuition fee?


What is is arsenals highest transfer fee?

Arsenal dont spend heavily on players, so the highest ever spent is on Anderi Arshavan

What is the match fee of sri lankan cricketer?

Well it is different between players. Highest fee is more than 50 lakhs. Senior players can get it.

What is the highest amount a tax preparer can charge?

No ceiling; the more complex the return, the higher the fee. No ceiling; the more complex the return, the higher the fee.

What is fee ownership?

Fee simple is the highest form of property ownership. The fee owner has the right to the use and possession of the property and the right to devise it by Will. If the owner dies without a Will the heirs inherit under the laws of intestacy.

What is the monthly fee for the online virtual world BoomBang?

The monthly fee for the online virtual world called Boom Bang is $29.99. That fee will cover the access to the virtual world, but does not include points or tokens.

What is the highest transfer fee paid for an English player in English Premier League?

The highest transfer fee paid for an English player in the English Premier League was for Raheem Sterling. The total fee added up to a sum of 49 million pounds and, also involved a move from Liverpool to Manchester City.

Is javier hernandez a good footballer?

Yes. He signed for Manchester United for a fee of just £6m but will now sell for £20m! Thats what I call fantastic progress!

Can you tell me soccer player transfer rules?

The player must apply for a transfer first, then if allowed, the players agent can speak to the other club, then a price is fixed and then the club that wants the footballer will pay the transfer fee , and the agent gets his fee as well from them both.

What is the highest estate of absolute right in real estate is called?

Fee Simple

What is the highest Scottish football transfer fee paid?

It was tore Andre flo for 12.5M