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Q: Who is the highest seeded team to make it to the Final Four and also Final Two?
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What is a seeded apple?

A seeded apple is an apple with the seeds removed. It also means pomegranate coming from the latin words, ponum (apple) and granatum (seeded).

Did the 1964 OSU Beavers basketball make the Final Four?

No. The 1964 final four were UCLA (champion), Duke (runner-up), Kansas State, and Michigan. The Beavers were in the 1963 Final Four with Loyola of Chicago (champion), Cincinnati (runner-up), and Duke. The Beavers also made the Final Four in 1949.

Who won the Heisman Trophy and also played in final four?

Charlie Ward

What was the best soccer game of the world cup?

It was the 1958 final in Sweden, Brazil won 5-2, this is also a match with the highest goal score in the final.

In tennis what is the meaning of a 'seeded player'?

What rank the player is in the world or most likely the tournament. This is chosen by how good their world ranking is. They also take into account past performance, as well as how good the player is on the surface - e.g. in 2005, Andy Roddick was ranked lower than Lleyton Hewitt, but he was seeded 2nd ahead of Hewitt (Federer was obviously seeded first), due to his success at the tournament the previous year (reached the final), and his success on the grass courts at Queens. Seeded players earn a 'seed number' by having a high ranking/good record. The seed 'number' is awarded based on the expectation (usually based on rankings) which indicate how the player might perform in this tournament. The 1 seed would be expected to win the tournament and is usually the highest ranked of all the players in the tournament. The number of seeds in a tournament depends on the number of competitors.

Who are the final 2 in total drama world tour?

The third season's final four was confirmed on their wiki: Cody, Sierra, Alejandro, and Heather. And the final 2 are most accurately Alejandro and Heather, as leaked by the wiki also.

What is scotland's highest peak?

ben nevis. it is also the highest in BritainBen Nevis, which is also the highest mountain in Britain.

How do you learn to use final cut express four?

You can go to and watch videos on Final Cut or sign up for sessions to learn about the software. You can also learn at camps and things like that.

What was the highest dharma or morality of all four Hindu classes?

Highest dharma was to abide by their Religion , do good & follow orders of God written in Vedas. Also many believe that it was to find truth of life.

Was there ever a final four at the Georgia dome?

Through 2012, the NCAA men's basketball tournament Final Four event has been held in the Georgia Dome twice: 2002 and 2007. The 2013 event also is scheduled to be held there April 6-8, 2013.

When was the last time 0 number one seeds made it to the final four?

As of the 2008 March Madness, that was 2006 when Florida (3 seed), UCLA (2 seed), George Mason (11 seed), and LSU (4 seed) made the Final Four. That also happened in 1980 when Louisville (2 seed), UCLA (8 seed), Purdue (6 seed), and Iowa (5 seed) made the Final Four.

Who is the champion of th elite four on FireRed?

The champion of the Elite Four on Fire Red is Blue, also known as Gary. He will supposedly beat you to the final challenge and become the champion to face off against you.

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