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Q: Who is the highest ranked opponent Alabama ever beat in Bryant Denny Stadium?
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What is University of Alabama's Football Stadium called?

Bryant-Denny Stadium.

How many different teams did Bear Bryant lose to at Bryant Denny Stadium during his career at Alabama?

According to Wikianswers own site, the answer is: "Bear Bryant accumulated a 72-2 record while head coach of Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium."

What is Alabama's worst football loss?

In Bryant Denny Stadium: 1951 Villanova 41 - Alabama 18

Which university team's home ground is the Bryant Denny Stadium?

The Bryant Denny Stadium is the home ground of the Alabama University's Crimson Tide American college football time. The Bryant Denny Stadium was built in the year 1937.

Who were the two teams Bear Bryant lost at Bryant Denny Stadium?

Bear Bryant lost to Florida in 1963 with a score of 10-6. Bear Bryant also lost in 1982 when Southern Miss beat Alabama 38-29, which was Bryant's final game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

What teams did bear Bryant lose to at Bryant denny stadium during his career at Alabama?

Florida and Mississippi State

Did Alabama ever beat auburn at auburn?

Yes, on three occasions (1999, 2001, 2009). Alabama is 3-7 at Jordan-Hare Stadium and 1-7 at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

What type of grass is in Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa AL?

Bermuda 419. Grown at Riverview Turf in Vernant Park, Alabama.

When was Bryant-Denny Stadium opened?

Bryant-Denny Stadium opened on September 28, 1929.

What is the seating capacity of Bryant Denny stadium?

Bryant-Denny Stadium holds 101,821 people.

What is the seating capacity of Bryant-Denny Stadium?

Bryant-Denny Stadium holds 101,821 people.

Who leads Alabama vs auburn series?

Alabama 40-31-1. Auburn is 7-3 in games played in Jordan-Hare Stadium and 7-1 in Bryant-Denny

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