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Benni Mccarthy

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Q: Who is the highest paid soccer player in south Africa between Benni McCarthy and Katlego Mphelo?
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Who is the highest paid soccer player in South Africa 2011?

Katlego Mphela

Which country does benni McCarthy play for?

South Africa

Which areas of Africa have the highest elevation?

The Eastern Region has the highest elevation in africa.

Who is the richest sport personality in south Africa?

Benni McCarthy

Which continent had the highest number of shark attacks between 1580-2010?

africa yoy

What is the highest mountain in Africa call?

Mount Kilmanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa .

What is the the highest waterfall in Africa?

The Tugela Falls located on the Tugela river in South Africa is the highest waterfall on the African continent and also the second highest in the world. The Victoria Falls located on the Zambezi river between Zambia and Zimbabwe is considered the biggest waterfall in the world.

Which country has the highest population in Africa?

NIgeria has the highest population in Africa with 154,728,892 people

What were the results of the match between France and South Africa in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

South Africa defeated France. The statistics of the match are as follows:France 1-2 South AfricaJune 22, 2010 (16:00)Managers:Raymond Domenech (France)Óscar Tabárez (Uruguay)Man of the Match: Katlego Mphela (South Africa)Location: Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinAttendance: 39,415Head Referee: Óscar Ruiz (Colombia)France's Goalscorer: Florent Malouda - 70th minuteSouth Africa's Goalscorers: Bongani Khumalo - 20th minute, Katlego Mphela - 37th minuteYellow Cards: 1Abou Diaby - 71st minute (France)Red Cards: 1Player: Yoann Gourcuff (France)Reason: High elbowTime: 25th minute

What is a country that starts with a z the country near Africa highest waterfall?

The highest waterfall in Africa is the Tegula Falls at 948 metres, which are in South Africa. A waterfall near a country beginning with Z is the Victoria Falls on the river Zambezi, which lie between the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In which country is the highest peak on the continent of Africa?

Tanzania is home of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in africa.

The highest waterfall in Africa?

Tugela Falls - 947 m (3110 ft) The highest waterfall in Africa,