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Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player and he's getting paid $32 million in 2011.

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Q: Who is the highest paid player in MLB and how many years is contract?
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How many years are left on barry zito contract?

His contract runs out in 2013

How much money does baseball players make a year?

if they are very good they can make over 100 million dollars depending on how many years the contract is. if they are an average or below average player they can make 1 million or lower depending on how many years the contract is.

How many years are left on Aaron Rodgers contract?

3 years

How many years is left on Donavon McNabb contract?

He has two years left.

How many years do you have to stay in army?

it depends on the contract you have i was in the army for four years

How many years are left in Peyton Manning's contract?

Peyton Manning has three more years left on his contract with the Denver Broncos. His contract ends in 2017 and he earns 19.2 millions dollars each season.

How many years to become a veteran in the NFL?

after your first 4 years in the nfl ususaly standard rookie contract and such

How many years will Cam Newton play for the Panthers?

7 years/ the contract will expired in 2016

How many years does mike komisarek have left on his contract?

3 years. Thats including this year!

How many years of playing is needed to become a pro soccer player?

A lifetime, you can't decide you want to be a pro and start playing, sign a contract 2 years later, just doesn't work like that.

What is the highest GPA for a football player?

4.0, by many players.

How many years does Alex Rodriguez have left on his contract with the Yankees?


How many years was the eiffel tower the highest in the world?

it wasnt

How many years is Tim Lincecum under contract with the SF Giants?


How many seasons does Derek Jeter have left on his contract?

Derek Jeter has two seasons left on his contract, with an option for a third. His contract was for three years (2011-2012) and an option in 2014.

How many years do psychologists go to college?

depends which digree you want, but the highest digree is 8 years.

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Typically, the highest level of educational attainment is a doctorate. This takes approximately eight years beyond high school graduation.

How many years does it take to reach the highest rank in karate?

Styles of Karate differ but in any good system it should take 45-50 years to attain the highest rank.

What is the average length of an NFL players' contract?

I don't know if that statistic is available. A lot has to do with who the player is. Quarterbacks and first round draft choices may be signed to a 5 or 6 year contract or even longer. Many first round draft choices sign 4 to 6 year contracts because they are young and the team thinks they will be a very productive player for a few years. The best players on the team will be signed to a 3 year contract or longer. Someone that is a special teamer or a backup may be signed to a one year contract. Generally, the older a player gets the shorter the contract he signs. This is due to the fact that ability and production diminishes with age.

How many years must baseball player play to be considered for election to the hall?

I does not have anything to do with how many years played but how well the player has played the game.

What is the statute of limitations of filing a civil law suit for breach of contract?

That will depend on the location of the contract. In many places it will be several years, with possible tolling. The contract itself may also limit the time frame.

How many years of work a fixed term contract become a regular contract in big organizations?

The fixed term of a contract does not automatically change after any time period. It remains the same until replaced by a new contract that includes a negotiated change in term.

How many years does Ryan miller have left on his contract with the buffalo sabres?

As of June 2014, he is no longer a Buffalo Sabre. He was traded to St Louis in the final year of his contract

How many years did an apprentice serve his master to learn a trade?

7 years. They had to sign a contract and if they left before the end of it they could be arrested.

When will John Cena's contract expire?

I'm not sure but knowing that cena is in his thirties it could be in five years or 10 years or how many other

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