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It could be Ashley Cole.

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Q: Who is the highest paid left back footballer in the world?
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Who is Clark Robertson?

Clark Robertson is a Scottish professional footballer who currently plays as a left back for Blackpool.

What is cheryl coles husbandcalled?

Ashley Cole, English footballer (Left Back) playing for Chelsea and England.

Was Roberto Carlos' goal vs Tenerife awarded the Puskas award?

Roberto Carlos is a retired Brazilian footballer and also a coach. He started his career in Brazil in the left back and was known to be the most offensive mined left back in game history.

Who is Ashley cole?

Ashley cole is a footballer who plays for Chelsea and plays left back Ashley Cole is the greatst left back to ever play the game of football. He scores more than almost any other defender. He is simply the best.

What year was Kevin Sharp born in?

Kevin Sharp was born September 19, 1974 in Ontario and is a Canadian footballer who plays as a left-back for Northwich Victoria.

Which footballer left Barcelona for Feyenoord?

Giovanni Van Bronxhorst did.

How many leather back sea turtles are left in the world?

There are only about 2000,to 3000 leather back turtles in the world

Who is the best left centre-back in the world?

Roberto Carlos

Who is Gareth Bale?

Gareth Bale in a Welsh footballer. He plays for Tottenham Hotspurs mainly as a Left Winger. Although he initially came to the scene as Left Back. He had a great 2009/2010 season helping Spurs to 4th spot in the Premier League.

Who is the best left back in the football world 2010?

Ashley Cole!

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there are a lot of ww2 medals and there was not a AR back then on the right way to stack them. they would put the highest ones one top from right to left and go down. campaign ribbons are always on the bottom.

Who is the best left back in the football world?

According to the FIFA World Team of the year the best left back in the world 2009 is:Patrice Evra, playing for Manchester United and Francesource: now, Ashley Cole is (2010). I think he was voted best left back in the world this year.

Where do you find the lottery ticket in virtual families?

on the street in the dude world on the left coming back from the samitery world

Best left back in the world in football?

Jose Enrique (Newcastle Utd) Fact

Who is the best left back in the world in 2010?

It is either Patrice Evra or Ashley Cole.

Is gervinho left footed?

No.He is right footed and footballer and even stated once that his left foot is quite weaker than his right one.

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He left Liverpool in 2007 and joined Athletico Madrid. He still plays for them.

Who is Andrew Driver?

Andrew Driver is a Hearts footballer. left winger, real fast an still young at 20.

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Why did Wayne Rooney leave Everton?

Wayne left Everton to further his football career. He is a brilliant footballer and the talent was thought to be wasted at Everton. He is now a world class internation footballer with 2 Premier League Winners Medals, 1 Champions League winners medal and a Carling Cup Winners Medal. And because he look like shrek .

What does get left back means?

To get left back means to get left behind or excluded. Depending in the context, it could also mean to get held back in school.

Whos the best left back in the world?

Roberto Carlos was. I think Ashley Cole is definitely!

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