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It is John Terry who is the highest paid footballer.

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2010-04-23 07:00:34
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Q: Who is the highest paid footballer in England Emmanuel Adebayor or John terry?
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Highest goalscorer for arsenal last year?

Emmanuel Adebayor. He scored 24 in the league and a total of 30 in all competitions.

Who is the highest paid weekly paid player in English premier league 2011?

In February 2010 Emmanuel Adebayor was the highest paid player in the Premiership at £7.4 million per year.

Who is Nigerian highest paid footballer in England?

It is kanu or yakabu.

Who is the most paid footballer in England?

In England the highest paid footballer is Wayne Rooney of Manchester United In his new contract he gets 250,000 pounds a week.

Who is the highest paid footballer in England?

It is now Wayne Rooney with £250,000 a week

Who is the second highest paid footballer in England?

It could be Carlos Tevez and Yaya Toure.

Highest paid footballer in England?

Rooney after his extension three weeks ago before that was yaya toure

Who are the 10 highest paid footballer in Europe?

These are weekly salaries and in british pound sterling. 1.wayne rooney-250,000. 2.Cristiano Ronaldo-217,308. 3.Zlatan Ibrahimovic-200,000. 4.Yaya toure-185,000. 5.Lionel Messi-175,000. 5.Samuel Eto'o-175,000. 7.Kaka-167,307. 8.Emmanuel Adebayor-142,307. 8.Karim Benzema-142,307. 10.Carlos Tevez-134,615.

In 1999 who was the highest paid footballer in Spain?

The highest paid footballer in Spain in 1999 was the Brazilian and Barcelona striker Rivaldo.

The highest paid footballer?


Richest African footballer of all time?

Didier DrogbaIs the richest African footballer, as the highest payee in todays date.who is the richest African footballer as the highest fortunatelly in the history

Who is Highest paid footballer at Chelsea?


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