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Freddie Roach, hands down; also Teddy Atlas.

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Manny Pacquiao is and will forever be the best boxer in the world!

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Freddie roacg

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tito bermudez

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His name

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Q: Who is the highest paid boxing trainer?
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Which sport excluding boxing has highest paid athletes?


Who is the highest paid boxing player?

Floyd money maywheather

What major league sport has the highest paid athlete who is he or she and what is he or she paid?

At the moment, Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete, raking in $85 million in the sport of Boxing.

How do you get a trainer for boxing?

Check out a local boxing gym.

What are some jobs for retired boxers?

Boxing trainer, personal trainer, boxing-related announcers, advertisement.

Who is the highest paid play in the word and the highest paid coach in the word?

Nobody really knows how much coaches/personal trainers get paid. If you are lucky enough to meet an athlete's trainer, ask them... If they want to answer...

Who was benny lynches boxing trainer?

who was benny lynches trainer

Who is the person with the most skill level in Wii sports boxing?

Matt, your boxing trainer.

What sport is paid the highest?

as of 2011 in north America, the highest is boxing, followed by formula one racing and third is baseball because the three sports listed above has the highest possibility of fatalities.

Highest paid sportsperson in 2005?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the most richest sports person in the world. The is the sports person for boxing.

Who is the best boxing trainer in Cuba?

Alcides Sagarra

What is the starting salary of an animal trainer?

The average salary of an animal trainer is 30,340 dollars per year. The highest paid animal trainers earned roughly 49,000 dollars per year.