Who is the greenbay packers mascot?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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they do not have a mascot

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Q: Who is the greenbay packers mascot?
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Who was in the first NFC Championship?

Greenbay Packers Greenbay Packers

When did the greenbay packers start?

in 1849

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Who will win cowboys or greenbay packers?

Green Bay Packers 17 - 7

Who is going to the NFL Super Bowl?

The Greenbay Packers

Was there a Milwaukee packers?

no just greenbay in nfl atleast

When did Greenbay packers originate?

a long time ago

What does the Greenbay Packers logo mean?

it mean "Greatness"

How won Super Bowl xLV?

The GreenBay Packers.