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Bill Tilden.

He dominated the sport from 1912 until about 1930, winning 138 of 192 tournaments in that period, and compiling a match record of 907-62.

He wrote about the sport for newspapers, and authored the classic tennis book "Match Play and the Spin of the Ball."

His arrests on morals charges seriously tarnished his image.

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Rod Laver is probably the greatest lawn tennis player of all.

Certainly, most polls have chosen him as the greatest ever tennis player, but even as a 'grass player' only, I would choose him as the Best.

The reason I say this is that 9 of his 11 Grand slam singles titles were won on grass. Yet a further 4 Professional Slam singles titles were also won on grass, whereas, if one was to compare with Tilden [as suggested above] - Tilden won only 2 on grass.

Also, Doubles on grass: Tilden rarely won a doubles slam; Rod Laver won 7 grand slam doubles titles on grass surface.

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Q: Who is the greatest male lawn tennis player ever in history?
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