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It was the Italian Zenga.

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Q: Who is the goalkeeper with the most international clean sheets?
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Which goalkeeper holds the world record for most clean sheets in a row?

The goalkeeper with the most clean sheets is Edwin Vandersar. with 13 clean sheets for Manchester United.

Which goalkeeper made the most clean sheets?

Petr Cech from Chelsea FC holds the all time record with 21 clean sheets in one season.

Which premiership goalkeeper has kept the most clean sheets this season?

1. Joe Hart, 14 2. Wojciech Szczesny, 12 3. David De Gea, 11

5 goalkeeper with most premier league clean sheets?

David James 172 - Mark Schwarzer 149 - David Seaman 144 - Petr Cech 143 - Nigel Martyn 140

Who has the most clean sheets?

Most clean sheets in one season: 24, Petr Čech (for Chelsea, 2004-05) Most clean sheets in Premiership history: 143 (as May 14, 2007), David James

Which goal keeper has held the most clean sheets in the premier league?

Pepe Reina (Liverpool) and David James (Currently Retired). They have held the most clean sheets.

Who has the most clean sheets in the 0708 season?

david James

Which team has got the most clean sheets in the champions league alltime?

It is Arsenalfc with 49 clean sheets including the current season (2012-13).

Who has the most clean sheets in the 0607 season in the premiership?

peter chch

Which premiership team has the most clean sheets in a row?

Man UTd

Which team has the most clean sheets in the last 4 seasons?


Who is the most expensive goalkeeper the world?

The most expensive goalkeeper is Gianluigi Buffon (Italian Goalkeeper)(Juventus)

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