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Edwin van der Sar of Manchester United holds that record.

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Q: Who is the goal keeper in English premier league without conceding a goal for max number of minutes?
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How many minutes did Edwin van der Sar go without conceding a goal in the league?


How many premier league teams have not conceded a penalty at home this season?

Manchester United have gone without conceding a penalty (at home and away) for the entire season.

What is the longest number of hours a team has gone without conceding a goal in top flight football?

360 MINUTES BY ARSENAL I THINK Chelsea, with Petr Cech in goal hold the record for the longest period of time without conceding a goal. Between the 12th of December 2004, when Thierry Henry scored for Arsenal, and the 5th of March 2005, when Leon McKenzie of Norwich scored, Chelsea did not concede, a time span of 1025 minutes, or 17 hours and 5 minutes. (Premiership only) Manchester United with Edwin van der Sar in goal broke this record in the 2008-09 season when they went 1,311mins (about 14 1/2 games) without conceding a Premier League goal.

How close is van der sar from breaking the world record of most minutes without conceding a goal?

he is 88 minutes from breaking the European record. world I'm unsure. he is 88 minutes from breaking the European record. world I'm unsure.

Which is the soccer team that became champion without conceding a single goal?


Which strikers in the English Premier League have gone the longest without scoring a goal?

peter crouch

Which football team holds the record for the most consecutive wins home and away without conceding a goal?

Stockport County, winning 9 games, home and away without conceding a single goal (2006-2007 season)

Is queens park the oldest team in Scotland?

Yes. They played for 7 years without conceding a goal.

Which is the only country to have been knocked out of a football world cup without conceding a single goal?

Switzerland in 2006.

Which goalkeeper played the most world cup matches without conceding a goal?

Was it Walter Zenga of Italy in 1990.

What is the longest run without conceding a goal at home in any English league division?

This record is now held by the Dutch goalkeeper at Manchester United, he broke the record held by the Cech Republic goalkeeper of Chelsea.

What national team was eliminated in the world cup final without losing a game or conceding a goal?

Switzerland in the 2006 Finals in Germany

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