Who is the first team coach of Manchester City?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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The first team coach of Manchester City football club is Brian Kidd.

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Q: Who is the first team coach of Manchester City?
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Who is coach Manchester united team?

Manchester United's coach is the scotsman Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is the first team coach of Cardiff City?

The first team coach of Cardiff City is called Danny Keough.

First English football team called city?

Manchester city

What team did Ferguson face first as Man Utd's coach in 1986?

Manchester United's first match with Alex Ferguson as coach was a 2 - 0 defeat against Oxford United.

Who is a better team Manchester City or Manchester United?

manchester united

Players of Manchester city?

first team? starting 11? top paid players?

Which English football team is the first to win against an Italian football team at home?

Manchester City surely ?

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manchester city are crap and manchester united are the best team and are very good and better than manchester city.

What team is robinho on?

Manchester city

Which team is older Manchester utd or Manchester city?

Manchester United By 2 Years

What team did tevez go to?

Carrlos Tevez has joined Manchester City from Manchester United. and he had a choice of Chelsea or Liverpool or Manchester city so he wen to Manchester city