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manchester city are crap and Manchester United are the best team and are very good and better than manchester city.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-22 18:47:18
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Q: Manchester city are better than Manchester unnited easy?
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When Manchester city was made?

That's easy 1880

Which is the richest football club in England?

that is easy it is Manchester city

What is the vegetation region in Manchester?

What is the vegetation region in Manchester? That's easy- nothing of course! No actually I'm not sure.

What terminal do easy jet fly from at Manchester?

Terminal 1.

How do you get better fuel economy?

Go easy on the brakes and accelerate slowly. This is why highway fuel economy is better than city in vehicles.

Where is the Manchester Arndale shopping center located?

The closest to an address available on the Manchester Arndale shopping center site is: Manchester Arndale, Manchester, M4 3AQ. It is very easy to access through Victoria Station.

Where in Manchester is the Bewleys Hotel located?

Bewley's Hotel in Manchester is located at the Airport. The hotel provides easy access to all terminals. If you stay at the hotel you are within walking distance to Manchester International Airport.

How might one rent a serviced office in Manchester?

It is very easy for one to rent a serviced office in Manchester. One can rent a serviced office in Manchester at popular places such as Instant Offices and Bruntwood.

Why easy jet flight from Manchester to Marrakesh take 5 hours?

because of the clouds

A europeon international player only scored once for Manchester united?

peter schmeicel,easy!

Which Manchester united player has twice been awarded Goal of the Season?

Easy... Wayne Rooney! -Will

Who will win the preimer league?

As of now (2011-2012 season) Manchester City is in first place and has been since October. I suspect they will win the Premier League, especially because they have some easy matches coming up.

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