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Europe's southern boundary is the

How was Charles de Gaulle instrumental in defeating the Germans in France

Britain does not guarantee its citizens religious freedom

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Q: Who is the first second and third oldest All Ireland medal holder in men?
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Who were the first explorers in Ireland?

Ireland is most likely the oldest country in the world, the first explorers came from Ireland and discovered iceland and the UK

What is the Second oldest American college?

The first is Harvard University and the second oldest was Williamsburg

What is the second-oldest American college?

The first is Harvard University and the second oldest was Williamsburg

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yes, but it rarely happens.

Why does the second mortgage holder have to approve of the first mortgage refinance?

the first mortgage is collateral for the second mortgage.

Was Poseidon the youngest of Zeus and Ares?

First of all its suppose to be Zeus and HADES. Second of all, No Poseidon is the second oldest. Hades is the oldest, Poseidon is the second oldest, and Zeus is the youngest.

What is the 2nd oldest nimal on earth?

The second oldest animal is a fox and first is a snake

If payments have been made to the second mortgage holder but not to the first Mortgage holder can the first mortgage holder reclaim any of those payments from the second mortgage holder?

No. However, in the case of a foreclosure sale (or any sale), the first lien holder will always be made whole (paid completely) before any sale proceeds are applied to the subordinate liens.

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The first part that is called for the corn holder is called a "spike". And the second part of the corn holder is called the "ear"

What Northern Ireland man became the first to be the President of Ireland?

Douglas Hyde was the first President of Ireland, but he was not from Northern Ireland. The first President of Ireland from Northern Ireland was Mary McAleese, who was the eight President of Ireland and the second woman to hold the position.

Who was the oldest to die on the Titanic?

The oldest casualties in first and second class were 71. The oldest casualty in third class was 68.

Can you refinance a first loan only and not the second?

Yes, but the holder of the second has to agree to it. Its called subordination. Normally when a first mortgage is paid off the second moves into the first position unless the holder agrees to "subordinate" the second. Yes, you can leave the second alone but the second mortgage company will have to allow it by signing a subordination agreement. Basically, a subordination agreement is an instrument that allows a first lien or interest to be paid off and allows another first mortgage company to come in and be the first priority lien holder.

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