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Babe Ruth was the first player to reach 200 career home runs. The Babe hit home run number 200 on May 12, 1923.

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Q: Who is the first player to hit 200 career home runs?
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What player had 500 career stolen bases and had 500 career home runs?

Barry Bonds ... 762 career home runs and 514 career stolen bases.

First major league baseball player to hit 100 home runs in a career?

Harry Stovey reached 100 career home runs in 1890

What baseball player hit the most home runs in his career?

Barry Bonds, with 762 home runs.

What player hit the most career home runs for the same team?

In MLB, that was Hank Aaron who hit 733 career home runs for the Braves.

What First person to hit 900 home runs?

No player in Major League baseball has ever hit 900 home runs. The all time leader in career home runs is Barry Bonds with 762.

Who is the player with the most career home runs?

Barry Bonds of course.

Who has had 412 home runs in baseball?

There have been dozens of ballplayers that hit at least 412 career home runs, and as of 2009 no player has finished their career with 412.

Does a post-season home run count in a player's total career home runs?

== == No, post-season home runs don't count in a player's career totals. No post-season stats count towards career totals. They go in a separate category, usually entitled "Postseason Career."

Who is the youngest MLB player to hit 100 career home runs?

Tony Conigliaro, Boston Red Sox, 1964-67, 167 Career Home Runs

What is the Red Sox record for home runs in a career?

Ted Williams holds the record for most career home runs by a Boston Red Sox player with 521.

How many home runs has Albert Pujols hit in his six years and how many home runs will he hit in his career?

Pujols has hit 250 career home runs in his first six years.

Which MLB player has the most home runs in their career?

Barry bonds 762

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