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Q: Who is the female hammer throw record holder?
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Who holds the women's world record in the hammer throw?

The current women's world record holder in the hammer throw is Anita Włodarczyk from Poland. She set the record on August 28, 2016 with a throw of 82.98 meters.

Who is the austalian record holder for discus?

The Australian record holder for discus is Dani Stevens. She set the record in 2009 with a throw of 68.26 meters.

Women college shotput throw record holder?

Tressa Thompson

Who holds the women's world record for hammer throw?

Jan zelezy

The world record for the womens hammer throw?

The current world record for the women's hammer was set by Tatyana Lysenko who threw 77.80 m in Tallinn, Estonia on 15 August 2006.

Who are Canadian discus throwers?

As far as I know, I AM... My name is Carmen Ionesco and I am the Canadian record holder with a throw of 64,92m.

In the Hammer Throw what is the ball made from?

The ball used in hammer throw is made of steel.

Who holds the men's Irish record in the hammer throw?

Paddy McGrath, who threw 77.49 meters on 6/26/99.

Did Thor's hammer throw lightning?

Yes, Thor's Hammer did indeed throw lightning

What year was hammer throw introduced to the Olympics?

Men's hammer throw debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris and women's hammer throw debuted at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Who is the nba free throw streak record holder?

97 by Micheal Williams, from March 24, 1993 to November 9, 1993.

Who won the gold medal in Women's Hammer throw at the London 2012 Olympics?

Tatyana Lysenko (RUS) with 78.18m, an Olympic record.