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As far as I know, I AM... My name is Carmen Ionesco and I am the Canadian record holder with a throw of 64,92m.

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Q: Who are Canadian discus throwers?
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Person who throws the discus or javelin?

There is no real title for an athlete that throws the discus or javelin - they are simply referred to as javelin or discus throwers, or more generally as throwers, field event athletes, etc.

What is a good discus distance for beginning high school boy throwers?

around 100

What is a shot put thrower called?

they are just called throwers because they normally throw shot puts or discus

What is the name of the circle the discus thrower uses?

the ring, or discus ring - though this ring is used for hammer throwers too. 8'2" ring is sunk 20mm down in concrete to provide an edge.

What sports are Polish people famous for?

The Polish tend to put forth good throwers in track and field. They are usually competitive in the shot put, hammer throw, and discus.

Who manufactures g-force snow throwers?

Yardworks makes g-force snow throwers. The engine is manufactured in China by Jiangdong engines. There is very little online about this manufacturer, however, I believe they are Canadian.

How far do discus throwers throw in community colleges?

for girls: DIII anything over 130' or so you will place. idk about DII, and DI over 140"ish will place. hope this helps!

Who holds the boys Tennessee state high school record in the discus throw?

No one has ever throw 240 in the discus in Tennessee in fact no one has thrown over 200 feet. The TSSAA state record is held by Brett Collins of Jefferson County. 187-10 in 1987. That record my be broken this year or next several good discus throwers in Tennessee this year.

What is the meaning of ''torch throwers of night''?

tourch throwers of the night

What has the author Bernd Degen written?

Bernd Degen has written: 'Pr\\' 'Discus in the Community Tank' 'Degen discus book' -- subject(s): Discus (Fish) 'Wild-Caught Discus' 'The Proper Care of Discus' 'The Discus--\\' -- subject(s): Discus (Fish), Pictorial works

What is the weight of the discus in the Olympics discus?


What is the plural of discus?

The plural of discus is discuses.

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