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the greek god of chaos was the first and father of the other gods

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Q: Who is the father of the Greek gods to whom the ancient Olympics?
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How were ancient gods connected with the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held to honor the Greek gods (especially to honor Zeus).

Why were the ancient Olympics celebrated?

The Ancient Olympic Games were celebrated in honor of Zeus, the father of all the Greek gods and goddesses. googanhine blah blah blah

Did the gods make up the sports in ancient Greek Olympics?


Who were the ancient Olympics dedicated to?

They were dedicated to the Greek king of the gods, Zeus.

Who were the first Olympic games held in honor of?

The ancient Olympics were in honor of the ancient Greek gods.

Does the word Olympics comes from a greek word?

Yes the word Olympics comes from the Greek as a reference to Mt. Olympus, where the Ancient games were held in honor of the Greek Gods.. I have to make a correction here. The word Olympics comes from the greek word Olympia, the place in Peloponnese, where the Ancient games were held in honor of the gods. Mt Olympus is the place where the greek gods where living, their residence in other words.

What are the buildings that the ancient Olympics were held in?

When the Olympics first began they took place in forest glades with temples to various greek dieties interspersed. The games were to glorify Zeus, one of the main gods in the greek pantheon of gods and demi-gods.

Which ancient Greek god were the ancient Olympics to celebrate?

well.... they originally started to honor zeus, king of the gods.

Did Ancient Greeks pierce their ears?

The Ancient Greek men mainly pierced themselves. They did this in the Olympics to please the gods.

What is the name of the god you most associate with the Olympics?

For the ancient Olympics any of the ancient Greek gods, particularly Zeus. For modern Olympics whichever is the god of your belief system.

Why and how was Olympics started again in AD1896?

The Olympics were started by the ancient Greeks to entertain the Olympians also know as the Greek Gods.

What is ancient greek god of time?

there is no ancient Greek god of time, but Kronos, the father of the gods, was the titan of time before the gods banished him to the depths of Tartarus for all eternity.

What significance did greek gods play in the Olympics?

The Olympics were created to worship the Greek gods.

Who did the greek games honor?

the ancient greek olymic games honored''the father of gods''zeus.

Where did the ancient Olympic's get started?

The ancient Olympics were held and started in contribution to Zeus, king of all the Greek gods. The origin of the ancient Olympics were in Olympia, Greece.

What did Ancient Greek Olympics games have to do with ancient Greek?

they made it they desined itThe olympics were a celebration of the King Of Gods, Zeus!Both answers are right. Greeks did invented the olympic games (the legend says that the hero Hercules founded them) and they were dedicated to the father of gods and people, this is to say, Zeus.

Why did ancient Greece event the Olympics?

Because the people of Ancient Greece wanted to honour the Greek god Zeus, king of the gods.

For the ancient Olympics was the Olympic Torch carried around different countries?

No. The ancient Olympics were a sports festival but also a religious festival celebrated in Greece by Greeks to honor the Greek gods.

What was the origin of the ancient Greek titans?

His mother is Gaea and his father is Uranus. He killed his father and had the children the gods.

What were the Olympics games held in order to do?

The original Olympic Games in Ancient Greece were a form of worship of the Greek Gods.

Why did the ancient Olympics begin?

they ancient Olympics begun to honor their gods

Who was the father of the greek gods?

Zeus was the father of the Greek Gods

Do the Greek gods compete in the Greek Olympics?


Who is King of the Gods in ancient Greece?

Zeus The main god of Ancient Greece is Zeus, who is the King of all the gods. He was also the father of the Greek hero Hercules.

What was pontus responsibilities as a Greek god?

He was god of the sea; father of the most ancient sea gods.