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I believe its Asante Samuel number 22 who is payed almost 15 Million according to their charts.

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#10, Mcnabb, Westbrook

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desean Jackson

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Q: Who is the fastest player on the Philadelphia Eagles?
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Who is the fastest player in the NFL of 2011?

desean jackson #10 for the philadelphia eagles

Who is the 2 fastest players on eagles?

Desean Jackson I the fastest player on the eagles and the second fastest player on the eagles is Dominque Rodgers Cromartie

What college did NFL player Nick Foles play for?

Nick Foles plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles who was first black to player for eagles was it Eddie bell from penn?

Ralph Goldston

Who is the best Philadelphia Eagles player today?

DeSean Jackson

Where is football player Jeremy macklin?

He is playing with the philadelphia eagles

Which Philadelphia Eagles player has a Super Bowl ring?

Asanti Samuel

What Philadelphia Eagles football player kills puppies?

Michael Vick

Where are the Philadelphia Eagles located?

The Philadelphia Eagles are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Did the Philadelphia Eagles have a player in the 70's named Steve hall?


Who is the Philadelphia Eagles player who pretends to shoot a gun?

maybe michael vick?

When was Philadelphia Eagles created?

Philadelphia Eagles was created in 1933.