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Hines Ward

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Q: Who is the fastest player in steelers history?
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Who is currently the fastest Pittsburgh Steelers player?

(WR) - Mike Wallace

Who is the highest paid player on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Ben Rothlisberger, the Steelers franchise QB, is the highest paid player in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers fastest wide receiver?

Currently, the Steelers fastest wide receiver is Mike Wallace.

What player was considered the strongest man in steelers history?

Mike Webster

Who was the fastest player in mlb history?

Mickey mantle

Who is the fastest player to get to 3000 assists in NBA history?

Oscar Robertson

Who has the most catches in Pittsburgh Steelers history?

Hines Ward has the most receptions in Steelers history, with 1,000.

What player won the most super bowl?

players dont win but the steelers have 6 nfl history

Who have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten in their history?

The Steelers beat every team in the NFL at least one time in their history.

Which player scored the fastest goal in the fa cup finals history?

Louis saha

What is the best team in history of football?

My personal opinion is the Steelers! GO STEELERS!

Who is the fastest person in the nfl in 2012?

Ike Taylor who playes for the steelers

Fastest knockout toughman history?

what are the fastest knockout in tough man history

How many games did the Pittsburgh Steelers play against the Detroit Lions in their history?

The Steelers and Lions have met 30 times in their history. The Steelers lead the series 15-14-1.

What is the fastest car in history?

the fastest car in history are Bugatti SS96 and Jaguar XJ115

Who was the first Pittsburgh Steelers player in franchise history to rush for 200 yards in a single game?

John Henry Johnson was the first player on the Steelers to rush for 200 yards. John accomplished this on October 10, 1964, against the Cleveland Browns.

What is the Atlanta Falcons vs Pittsburgh Steelers history?

The Atlanta Falcons have played the Pittsburgh Steelers 15 times in their history. The Steelers lead the all time series with a record of 12-2-1.

What is the story behind the 3 fastest goals by one player in NHL history?

5 to 4 seconds

How many undefeated seasons did the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

The Steelers have never had an undefeated season in their NFL history.

Who has won more games in the history of the NFL the Philadelphia Eagles or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Is desean Jackson the fastest reciveir in the nfl?

No. Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers is @ 4.28 40 yd dash time. They say Chris Johnson is the fastest player @ 4.24 and the fastest ever is probably "Bullet" Bob Hayes who actually won Gold at the Olympics back in the 60's

Was there a gay Pittsburgh Steelers player?

No Steelers player, past or present, has ever openly admitted to being homosexual.

Which NFL player ran the fastest 40-Yard dash in NFL history?

The fastest electric time was 4.21 by Chris Johnson. The fastest hand time (which was always off) was Bo Jackson at 4.11.

Who is number 31 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, no player on the Steelers wears the #31.

Who is Manuel Orporter on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There is no Steelers player on the current roster with that name.