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is travis pastrana the best athlete ever is travis pastrana the best athlete ever

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Q: Who is the fastest Pee Wee Motocross Rider in Wisconsin?
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What are Pee Wee Jr. Motocross rider Joseph Walton's statistics since 2004?

He has averaged 18.6th place

How old to you need to ride motocross?

Most pee wee motocross classes have an age restriction of 4 through 9 or 10. It is not so much a question of age but how comfortable the youngster is on a motorcycle.

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Minimum age for Motocross Racing?

The AMA's youngest age class is Pee Wee Jr., which is a 50cc class, ages 4-6.

Who won the 1987 motocross race?

Not sure about what race you are talking about, but Jeff Ward was the 87 AMA Motocross Champion. Well, I won the 1987 GNC at Lake Whitney Cycle Ranch on 50cc (pee wees) but I have no idea what race you are referring to :o) - richardson

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What are motocross engine cc sizes?

50-70 is pee wee 90-110 is 90+mod 200-300 is youth 400-450 is quad A/B/C/D 450 is pro cc limit then their is open class

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