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Justin Beiber Does:0

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Q: Who is the famous person that plays soccer?
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What is a person who plays soccer?

A Soccer Player!

Why is messi famous?

Because he plays soccer

Who is a famous soccer player from Lebanon?

A famous soccer player from Lebanon is Rida Anter. Currently, he plays in German soccer team after his famous talent.

What sports are famous in Somalia?

Soccer everyone plays it.

Who was the first famous person for soccer?


Who is a famous athlete that plays soccer in France?

ross donnely

What spanish person plays midfield in soccer?

Mia Hamm plays midfield

Why is Mia Hamm Famous?

because of the way she plays the game of soccer.

Who is the most famous athlete that plays soccer?

Pele or David Beckham .

Who was a famous person in soccer?

Bobby Charlton was a good one.

Who are the most famous people in Brazil and why?

a famous person in Brazil is Pele. Pele was a famous soccer player. But he got retired. Brazilians made him king of soccer!

Hew is the best soccer player that plays for Italy?

I am not a soccer person, but that could change from year to year.

What famous person lived in England and why was her or her famous?

teze because he was the best soccer player teze because he was the best soccer player teze because he was the best soccer player

What is Heather Mitts famous for?

heather mitt's plays on the U.S independence soccer team.

What sports is Javier Hernandez famous for?

Football (Soccer). He plays for Manchester United FC.

What does pambolero mean?

its a definition used in latin America for a person that loves soccer any plays a lot of soccer.

Who was the most famous person in sports?

Pele was a soccer player from Brazil. He is a person that most people think will think is most famous person is sport.

Who's a famous athlete that was born in the Ivory Coast?

Didier Drogba, he is a famous futball (soccer) player who plays for Chelsea.

Who was the first person to make soccer a famous sport?

Albert Gudmundsson made soccer the first sport in iceland.

Who is a famous person who plays on the piano?

elton john?

A famous person who plays the triangle?

Taytum Pow

Who is a famous person who plays cricket?

Nitish Koundal ...

Why Is soccer a really famous sport?

because David beckhams plays the beautiful sport Bro

Why is chicharito famous?

He is a soccer player from Mexico but he plays in Manchester United but he used to play in chivas.

Why is David Beckman a famous person in the united kingdom?

Terrific soccer player.