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Marina Ortega is the director of the Boston Celtics Dancers.

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Q: Who is the director of the Boston Celtics cheerleaders?
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Who was the last NBA team to have cheerleaders?

Boston Celtics. Their Dance Team's inaugural season was 2006-2007.

Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?

the boston celtics have always been called the boston celtics.

What state is Boston Celtics from?

The Boston Celtics are from Massachusetts.

Why are the Boston Celtics named the celtics?

Boston is an Irish city so the celtics are an Irish team

What team came first Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins?


What basketball team's colors are green and white?

The Boston Celtics

What is the conference that the Boston Celtics play in?

The Boston Celtics play in the Eastern Conference.

Where do the Boston Celtics play at?

The Celtics play at the TD Garden in Boston, MA

Was peter maravich not a part of the Boston Celtics?

He was a part of the 1980 boston celtics

Where is Boston Celtics located at?


What is the Boston basketballteem?

Boston celtics

Why are the Boston Celtics called the Celtics?

It is likely that they were named the Celtics because of Boston's large Irish-American population.

Is the Boston Celtics a city or a state?

Boston Celtics is the name of a professonal Basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts.

How many titles did Boston Celtics won?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 titles.

How many titles does the Boston Celtics have?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA titles.

Who are the celtics?

The Celtics are the mascots for Boston's NBA team.

Why was the Boston Celtics name chosen?

The Celtics settled there.

How old are Celtics?

The Boston Celtics were founded in 1946.

Who is the founder of the Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics were formed Boston Garden-Arena Corporation President Walter A. Brown.

What city does the Boston Celtics play for?


What city does Boston Celtics play in?

boston -.-

Where are they now Boston Celtics?

still in boston

How many buttons are on the vest of the Boston Celtics' mascot?

there are no buttons on the Boston celtics mascots vest

Where are Boston Celtics in the US Basketball League?

The Boston Celtics are in the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference.

How many ABA titles have the Boston Celtics won?

none. The Boston Celtics were never in the ABA.