Is the Boston Celtics a city or a state?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Boston Celtics is the name of a professonal Basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Q: Is the Boston Celtics a city or a state?
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What state is Boston Celtics from?

The Boston Celtics are from Massachusetts.

Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?

The Celtics go by the nickname "Celts" and play in the city of Boston

What city does the Boston Celtics play for?


What city do the celtics play for?


What state does Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics live in?

Boston, Massachusetts

What is the city and nickname for the Boston Celtics?

Celts or C's

Why are the Boston Celtics green?

Boston is an Irish city, the color of the Irish is green

In what state do the Boston Celtics play their home games?


Where do the Boston Celtics play at?

The Boston Celtics play in the Eastern Conference.

What city Suffolk new England fenway bean town celtics?


What is the team name of the professional basketball team in Massachusetts state?

The Boston Celtics

What happened to John Havlicek?

Boston Celtics